K9 Remedial Massage

Is your dog:
* A young pup who needs to get used to human touch?
* A couch potato who doesn’t exercise much?
* Anxious, nervous, shy or hyperactive?
* Slowing down due to old age?
* Just in need of extra spoiling?
Remedial massage is a gentle non invasive hands on application that begins with Effleurage, a gentle soothing stroke that softens the skin and muscles, and prepares the dog for more active techniques. As the massage continues the dog becomes more relaxed, deeper muscle work is applied to break down adhesions, increase blood flow, eliminate toxins, hydrate skin and hair and provide relief for built up aches and pains.

What are the benefits?
Apart from being the best way to spoil your dog, massage offers many other benefits, such as:-
* Improved mobility, flexibility and muscle tone
* Improved posture, gait and performance
* Increased circulation of blood, nutrients and Oxygen to tissues
* Help, maintain & improve wellness of your dog
* Improve arthritic performance

Not for every dog
There are times when massage is not recommended as a treatment of particular dogs. In some instances it can be unsafe to an animal due to certain health problems.

We do not diagnose medical conditions or offer Veterinary advice. We will work in conjunction with your Vet and yourself with the care of your dog.

Contact your vet immediately if your dog is suffering from any type of illness or injury.

Where do we do it?
We will provide a complimentary assessment over the phone to determine if massage can be of help for your dog. You can come to us at Terrey Hills, or Middle Dural, or we will come to you.

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