Puppy Pre School Classes

The beginning of a fun filled and happy relationship with your puppy. 

A four week course for puppies between 8 and 14 weeks. Classes run for about an hour each week. 

Classes are fun and informative - puppies will be able to socialise and play with other puppies in a safe controlled environment under the direct supervision of 2 experienced, qualified Delta instructors.

The course will cover the following elements:-

Toilet Training   Sleeping Arrangements   Good Manners   Bite Inhibition   Sit, settle on a mat, stay etc

Being a good leader   Handling and Grooming   Come when called   Barking, Jumping, Digging     Playing nicely

Communicating with your pup   Having fun with your pup

You will receive a puppy handbook and homework each week to practice what has been covered in each class.

Classes are held at St Ives Veterinary Hospital on Saturday afternoons at 2pm.

 If you are interested in attending please call the St Ives Veterinary Hospital on 9983 9494 to enrol. If you would like to talk about the class in more detail please call Alex on 0411 408 051. 

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