Greyhound Assessments

In NSW, all pet greyhounds are now able to go muzzle free when in a public area, but must remain on a lead. In designated off-leash dog areas they are still required to wear a muzzle unless they have a gained a muzzle exemption.

A Greenhound is a pet or retired racing greyhound who has successfully completed an approved greyhound training program and passed a required assessment to gain a muzzle exemption.

Greenhounds do not have to wear a muzzle when in designated off-leash dog areas whilst under the control of a responsible person, but must wear a special “Greenhound collar” to identify them as muzzle exempt.

The Greenhound assessment has been designed for the assessment of NSW greyhounds for the purpose of Greenhound muzzle exemptions in accordance with the NSW Companion Animal Regulations. The objective of this assessment is to identify dogs with a temperament suited for integration as a companion animal and to be exempt from wearing a muzzle whilst under the effective control of their owner. Importantly the assessment is designed to protect public safety and minimise the potential risk of greyhound attacks on people or other dogs in a public environment.

Specifically, this test is designed to identify dogs that:
* Are friendly, approachable and manageable.
* Show no aggression towards other dogs.
* Show no aggression toward humans in a range of situations.

Assessments are held at either Terrey Hills or Middle Dural by appointment
For additonal information to see if you are eligible to be assessed go to the Greenhounds website

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