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"Had a wonderful experience with the class! My dog is much more behaved since we first started. Love all the handouts, Thanks Alex!"  

"Highly recommend it. The class was great environment for my daughter to learn the cues and develop her bond with Onyx"

"A great start to our puppies training. Loads of information and very well thought out and presented"

"Thanks to Alex and Toni for making us more confident in handling Bailee and her behaviours. It was a good reminder of how to implement the skills to have control and a well behaved dog"

I came to the class with very little knowledge of puppy training, but thanks to Alex and Toni I now have more of an understanding of how to train my gorgeous puppy. Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of Puppy Training

"The course has been great and we have learned a lot. Paricularly pleased how great you were with my 8 year old daughter - she absolutely loved it.

My puppy, Tosca and I have recently completed the 6 weeks Pooch Professional Pet Dog Training. I highly recommend it. We were 7 in the class with Alex and 2 other skilled teachers. The classes were fun and reinforced some of the learning from puppy pre-school. I especially liked the approach of positive reinforcement of good behaviours and ignoring the less good. We learnt how to facilitate in our dogs important skills which will make them well behaved companions who are fun and easy to have around.

Were we to have questions or issues in the future, we can contact Alex for advise.

Another benefit is that we will continue as a group to meet in the park for play dates and mini training sessions.

A great introductory class for puppies. I learnt all of the basics of training my puppy and have become so much more confident with her. Thanks so much Alex!

I have thoroughly enjoyed these pupy classes, where I feel I have the knowledge and skills to continue to train my puppy and achieve great results

"We met Alex from Pooch Professionals when our labradoodle Max was about 6 weeks old. Our vet had recommended we consider Puppy training and we are very grateful that we did and that he referred us to Alex.

The whole experience was very positive, hands on with lots of practical realistic tips and things to work on. As our Max is now a rather large standard Labradoodle, the importance of teaching him not to jump up on people, to follow obedience commands was very important as his size is quite overwhelming for some!

"We returned for the training second course when he was around 6 months old and that was again fantastic in a much larger space at the show-ground, teaching him to come from a distance and with more commands.

Our vet often remarks at how well behaved he is in his practice and how gently he takes food from our hands … all of the things we were taught and practised through Alex’s training. She provided lots of comprehensive reading material, but for us it was the very practical hands on help and consistency that we valued".

"At one point we felt he was getting a little bit naughty and we made a call to Alex who offered a house visit which was so well priced and worth every cent to put us back on course with him. And to have Alex visit and provide advice in the place where he lives and sleeps, provided us with the help we needed particularly as we were first time dog-owners.

We are big advocates for early Puppy training and finding the professionals that can help with the ongoing continuity of training that is sometimes required!
Thanks Alex"