Delta Therapy Dog Assessment Preparation

Gaining accreditation through the Delta Society for you and your dog to become a Delta Therapy Dogs Team is rewarding for you, your dog and the people you visit.

Assessments at held regularly in Sydney. See the Delta Society Australia website for detailed information, the assessment video and upcoming dates.


* Dogs must be over 18 months of age

* Dogs need to be checked by your veterinarian

* You and your dog need to pass the Delta     Therapy Dogs Assessment and attend a lecture

The skills assessment will include:

Controlled Walk; Accepting Friendly Stranger & Sitting Politely For Stroking; Held By A Stranger/Owner Out Of Sight; Take Food Gently; Reaction To Another Dog In Close Proximity;Staggering And Gesturing Individual; Angry Yelling; Crowded Or Patted In A Group; Being Bumped From Behind


In order to pass the assessment you and your dog must be able to demonstrate good teamwork. eg
* a strong bond between guardia and dog - ie the dog is responsive to the guardians requests
* the ability of the guardian to read the dog's body language, ie to tell when the dog may be stressed or uncomfortable
* a well-socialised dog, that actively seeks out people
* a calm, stable personality that can handle the unexpected, such as loud noises, a patient yelling or rough, clumsy petting
* a dog that is under the guardian's control at all times, even in the face of distractions

We can help you prepare for the Assessment, whether it be polishing behaviours or starting from scratch.

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