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PUPPY CLASSES The beginning of a fun filled and happy relationship with your puppy

                                       A four week course for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks

Classes are fun and informative - puppies will be able to socialise and play with other puupies in a safe controlled environment under the direct supervision of 2 experienced, qualified Delta instructors.

The course will cover the following elements:-

 *   Toilet Training                             *   Sleeping Arrangements                  *    Good Manners

 *    Bite Inhibition                             *    Sit, settle on a mat, stay etc         *    Playing nicely

 *    Handling and Grooming                *    Come when called                         *    Barking, Jumping, Digging

 *    Learning to be a good leader        *    Communicating with your pup        *    Having fun with your pup

You will receive a puppy handbook and homework each week to practice what has been covered in each class.

Classes are held at the Collaroy Plateau Veterinary Clinic on Thursday evenings at 7pm. Classes run for approximately an hour each week. A maximum of 2 family members per puppy can be accomodated at the venue.

If you are interested in attending our next class please call the Collaroy Plateau Veterinary Clinic on 9982 9439 to enrol. If you want to talk about the class in more detail please call Alex on 0411 408 051.



Contact Alex on 0411 408 051 or alex@poochprofessionals.com.au