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This course is run over 6 weeks, the pre-requisite for this class is to have attended the Basic Course or evidence attendance at a similar course. The aim of this course is to commence proofing the behaviours learned in the previous class and to increase the duration, distance and distractions under which the dog is required to perform the behaviours.

What you and your dog can expect to learn includes:-

*   Attention Eye Contact with more distractions

*   Stays in sit,drop and stand for 30 seconds with owner at a distance

*   Wait at doorway with distractions

*   Recall off leash with moderate distractions

*   Settle on Mat for 1 minute with distractions

*   Collar touches

*   Loose Lead Walking

*   Leave it

*   More Games and Tricks to play with your dog

*   Vehicle control and Car Safety

*   Tolerance to separation


After each lesson you will receive comprehensive lesson notes to help you practice at home.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Classes are held at the St Ives Showground on Wednesday Mornings or Evenings and at Middle Dural on Thursday Afternoons.

Contact Alex on 0411 408 051 or alex@poochprofessionals.com.au